PETRA! They are coming back! After they started their anniversary tour with us last year, they want to finish it at LaP'23. Need we say more?

DISCIPLE! After they brought us so much joy last year, we definitely wanted them back this year. We are sure, the guys will rock the hall with their music and also have one or the other new song in their luggage.

They have never been with us before. Look forward to Metal- and Post-Hardcore from WOLVES AT THE GATES. The guys from Ohio want to heat us up and we are sure: they will bring the hall and the LaP'23 to rage.

Coming from sunny Florida and bringing Alternative and Indie Rock to Lap23, we present for the first time at our festival: THE RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS.

Last year they made the location shake. That's why we absolutely had to have the band there again! Power and progressive metal is at the start with THEOCRACY. They're also bringing new music with them.

This band was founded in 1986 and belongs to the most famous Christian Heavy Metal bands. And even today the "old guys" know how to rock a stage - we present WHITECROSS at Lap23!

They come from Atlanta and bring progressive and death metal on stage at LaP'23 - BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE. They will make the hall shake, we are sure.

After the last two years they belong to the Loud and Proud family - CHAOTIC RESEMBLANCE. We are very happy to have them at LaP'23 as well. They will enrich our festival with metal of the 80's and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

These four guys from Frankonia make a mixture of dance, pop and electro. They are successful since 2008. We are happy to present GOOD WEATHER FORCAST at LaP'23!

They have already brought our festival to the boil a few times and even the bands from the USA were flashed by their energy on stage. With NIA we are looking forward to Elecro and JumpRock from Germany at LaP'23.

Jason Wisdom is the face of DEATH THERAPY. He has been making music since 2015 and his style is heavy and experimental. We are mega excited to have him on stage at LaP'23.

Contemporary Christian Rock - that's what BEHOLD THE BELOVED is known for. The five band members from Pennsylvania come to us for the first time and will rock the stage at LaP'23. We are looking forward to seeing you.

They come to us from the Netherlands and bring 80s inspired metal with them - ANGELIC FORCES. We are happy to have the four guys on stage for the first time at LaP'23.

Traditional country, gospel and old church songs – we are looking forward to DIE EHRLICHEN ARBEITER at LaP'23. The three guys from Cologne will rock the festival. We are sure about that.