It is important to us that people with limited mobility can also experience and enjoy the festival.

We are happy to support you within the scope of our possibilities. Our new venue, the Kulturwerk in Wissen, is barrier-free.

For wheelchair users and their accompanying persons, there are seats available

If you have a "B" on your ID card, you may bring an accompanying person with you free of charge. In this case, please buy a ticket for yourself and then contact us to register the accompanying person.

Eating & Drinking

No alcohol

We are convinced, and have experienced time and again over the last ten years, that the Loud and Proud Crowd does not need alcohol to celebrate happily and exuberantly.

Therefore, we will again refrain from serving alcohol this year.

Film & Photo

You are welcome to take photos (without flash) as long as you respect the personal rights of the persons photographed. For legal reasons, we are not allowed to film or record music. If you would like to accompany the festival with professional photo equipment, please contact us via the contact form.


Our own currency at all LAP events. One Lappi always has the value of one Euro.

Please note that we cannot refund money for leftover Lappis after the end of the festival.

But of course you can use them again next year.

Lappis can be purchased at three different locations on the site.

Merch & Meet

It is important to us that the artists of the festival are role models for our guests. That's why we also want to promote contact between bands and the audience.

Each band will be represented with a merchandise stand.

On the one hand, you can buy CDs, T-shirts and other articles of your favourite band, and on the other hand, you can meet the band members.

Before and after the concert, you can collect autographs, ask questions and certainly take a selfie or two.


The festival is organised by the CVJM Loud and Proud. We are an association that focuses on Christian concerts and their organisation.

Our goal is to inspire other people for a life with God through good music, true-to-life messages and an authentic appearance.

We are united by our enthusiasm for music of different styles and the joy of celebrating together. As a voluntary movement, we are happy about our many committed members (approx. 250 from all over Germany, Switzerland, Finland and the USA), which include people from all generations who contribute to our association in different ways (actively and financially).

The CVJM Loud and Proud is a supra-regional association based in Weitefeld (Westerwald) and affiliated to the CVJM Westbund.

Overnight stay

Accommodation search

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible for us to offer a gym as accommodation.

Alternative accommodation can be found here.

Paying at the festival

At the festival you have the possibility to pay cashless.

Food such as steaks, sausages, chips, pretzels, snacks and drinks can only be purchased with our own currency Lappi.

You can buy Lappis at three different stands on the festival site.

At our Loud and Proud stand you can still pay in cash, by card but also with Lappis.


Dear members of the press, we are happy to provide you with all the information, press releases and pictures/graphics you need for a report. We will fill this section with the necessary content in good time before the festival. If you need information in advance or have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the contact form. We look forward to a good cooperation!

Protection of minors

Without a supervisor, the following applies: - children under 14 years of age may be present until 10 p.m. - young people under 16 years of age may be present until midnight.

The following persons are considered to be supervisors: - a parent - a person of full age, for whom you must have the following declaration of consent ("Muttizettel") with you:

Educational order (print out, fill in completely, bring with you)


Tickets are available  in our online-Shop.


From 2024, we will move to the Kulturwerk in Wissen.

The Loud and Proud Festival always has 2 stages. The main stage and the acoustic stage - where the bands play unplugged, short interviews are conducted, etc.

All bands play on both stages (one day on the main stage, the other on the acoustic stage).



Your advertising at the festival

We understand that you would like to advertise your event at the YMCA Loud and Proud Festival.

Unfortunately, in recent years, events have been advertised that are not in line with our values.

Therefore, from now on the rule applies that you must obtain permission from us as organizers in advance to hang up posters or display flyers.

Please simply write us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All other posters will be taken down and disposed of by us.

Your organization at the festival site

We are happy to offer Christian organizations the opportunity to present themselves at the Loud and Proud Festival.

You can get all further information by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..