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Information about the festival


On the occasion of our anniversary we will move our festival to a new home. The ‚Stadthalle Betzdorf‘ (Betzdorf town hall) offers room for around 180 guests sitting and up to 1500 standing. In addition, there is enough space for catering, merch and information stands. And the best thing is: all in a well-heated building.

TICKETS & entrance Fee

International Ticket Sale:

Festival guest with disabilities: Under “Accessibility” we have detailed information for you.


It is very important to us that people with disabilities or restricted mobility can also visit and enjoy the festival. We are happy to assist you as much as we can.

Our new festival venue is equipped for people with disabilities. Wheelchair users and the person accompanying them will find designated seats in the seating area on the balcony which can be accessed by elevator. Unfortunately, it is not possible to arrange space for wheelchairs in the standing area due to security concerns. If your disability card has a ‘B’, you can bring one person for free to accompany you. In this case, please purchase a ticket in the seating area for yourself (in order for us to reserve a seat for the person accompanying you) and contact us to reserve the additional seat.

In case of any questions or suggestions you can contact us using the contact form (and the phone number on that page).


As a cheap accommodation we are offering an empty gym. Space for one person costs 10 euros per night (including breakfast and bus transfer).

The sleeping spaces in the gym can be booked in our online shop.

Looking for accommodation

Other options for accommodation can be found on the following website:


The restaurant in the town hall and the company OKAY-Veranstaltungen are our two partners offering the best catering during the festival.

That is why it is neither necessary nor permitted to bring your own food and drinks.

no alcohol

We are convinced and know from the experience of the past nine years that the crowd at the Loud and Proud does not need alcohol to have a great time. That is why we will refrain from serving alcohol this year as well.


The festival is organized by CVJM Loud and Proud. We are an association that focuses on organizing Christian concerts. Our goal is to inspire people to choose a life with God with good music and a message that is authentic and true to life. Our passion for music of different styles and for celebrating together is what unites us.

Our movement is supported by many committed members (over 80 from all over Germany and Switzerland) from different age groups who are engaged on a voluntary basis and in different ways (actively or financially) in our association.

The CVJM Loud and Proud is an interregional association based in Weitefeld (Westerwald, Western Germany) and belongs to the CVJM Westbund.

Additional information on our association can be found on our website: (currently under construction)

Filming and photography

You are welcome to take pictures (without flash), as long as you respect the personal rights of the people in the photos.

Filming and taping of the festival is not permitted on legal grounds.

If you are interested in following the festival with professional photographic equipment, you are welcome to contact us using the contact form.


protection of minors

Without a guardian:

– Minors under 14 years may attend until 10 p.m.
– Minors under 16 years may attend until 12 a.m.

Guardians can be:

– A parent
– An adult that needs to have the following permit:

Erziehungsauftrag (print it, fill it out and bring it to the event)

Worship service

For the first time in the history of the Loud and Proud Festival, and on occasion of our anniversary, we will celebrate a festival service together.

On the morning of the second festival day (20th October) we want to celebrate and worship God together and listen to his gospel.

Time: 11 a.m.

Place: to be announced

Band: to be announced

Pastor: to be announced

Merch & Meet

It is important to us that the artists performing at the festival are role models to our guests. That is why we would like to promote the contact between the bands and the audience. Every band will be represented with a merchandising stand. This serves as an opportunity for you to explore CDs, t-shirts and other merchandising of your favorite band, but you will also have the chance to meet the band. In this way you can collect autographs before the concerts, ask questions and take one or two selfies.


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